The Genard AIDS Foundation
History of the Genard AIDS Foundation

Steven A.Genard died of AIDS related illnesses in 1992, at the age of 25. Steve was a talented writer, singer, songwriter as well as a humanitarian. At the time Steve was to be discharged from the hospital, he had too many complications to return home. The hospital preferred that he receive care elsewhere, yet there were no skilled nursing facilities that would take a Person with AIDS in Contra Costa County. To assure that this would not continue to be the case, the Genard AIDS Foundation was established by Marsha Genard and Vera Ginsburg to provide the missing link between the hospital and home.

The Genard AIDS Foundation, a non-profit, public benefit corporation, is dedicated to providing residential and facility-based hospice care for Persons With AIDS where, within the last six months of life, they can face death with dignity and peace.

In February of 1993, in a joint venture with Hospice of Contra Costa and the Oak Park Convalescent Hospital, an AIDS hospice program was opened within a skilled nursing facility and began taking patients. This is the first facility of its kind in Contra Costa County. We accept men, women and children in all payer classes from Contra Costa and surrounding counties. Our program now includes several other facilities. In June, 1994, the Foundation added home services to it's "Genard Circle of Care" that provides, without charge, many services in the home including attendant and skilled nursing care in Contra Costa County and local cities and private contribution.

This service was developed because individuals in the later stages of AIDS often have the need for 24-hour care (but not necessarily in an acute care facility) to help stabilize the complications arising from opportunistic infections. In addition, this service was designed to give caregivers needed time away from the difficult challenge of AIDS home care. The Foundation now also provides attendant care for PWAs in their homes, allowing them to retain their independence as long as possible.

In 1993, people dying of AIDS in Costra Costa County had very few services available to them. Today, thanks to the Genard AIDS Foundation, there are skilled nursing facilities that will admit people with AIDS. There are attendants and skilled nurses available to come to their home and there is the "Genard Circle of Care" to surround them in their most difficult time. All of these services are provided without charge by The Genard AIDS Foundation.

No person in the end-stage of AIDS has ever been turned away for financial reasons and no fee has ever been charged.

The Genard AIDS Foundation
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