The Genard AIDS Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions

"Where do I go for HIV testing?"
We want everyone to know that there are resources available today that weren't available a few years back. You can now purchase a HIV home testing kit at Longs, Walgreen Drug Stores, Rite AID and other pharmacies. You may also go to any Planned Parenthood office for anonymous testing. And remember you can always contact your local Health Department office to find out what nights they hold HIV testing clinics.

"How do I volunteer for the Foundation?"
The Foundation has counted on dozens and dozens of volunteers to put on our various events over the years. However, on a day to day basis, we don't require the services of volunteers. Since we don't administer hands on patient care we don't have a buddy program. If you'd like to volunteer for programs that involved direct patient care, we suggest that you contact your local Hospice organization. This year's big event will be World AIDS Day on December 1st, 2002. Watch our newsletters for volunteer opportunities regarding World AIDS Day.

"Do you take donations of unused furniture or medical equipment?"
The Foundation is not set up to utilize medical equipment or to process the disbursement of used furniture. If you have such items to donate we suggest that you call your local Hospice organization. The Foundation does, however, accept donations of cars. Consider donating that tired, old car to the Genard AIDS Foundation. You will receive a generous tax deduction that in practically all cases will be larger than you would have received for it as a trade-in. We will put the proceeds toward our continuing services. There are, however, some limitations on what we can accept. Call us at (925) 943-2437 and we will handle all the details for you.

"How do I access the Foundation's services?"
The Hospice of Contra Costa County administers the Circle of Care program that offers patient intake and assessment services. Patients have access to services such as symptom management, pain control, psychological and spiritual support, and respite care. The Circle of Care program also provides bereavement services including support groups, personal and telephone contact and counseling.
If you are in need of medical services, we will direct you to services appropriate to your situation. All potential clients (patients) will need a Case Manager which they can get through their Medical Center (Mt. Diablo, John Muir, Marthew, etc.). The Case Manager does the critical intake assessment and plans your entire care plan. If your medical provider has not provided you with such a Case Manager, then contact Hospice of Contra Costa County to see if they can assist you with finding one. The Genard AIDS Foundation does not disburse funds directly to a client or patient. We pay upon the recommendation of the Circle of Care Program. Hospice is great at maximizing your medical benefit disbursements. They know exactly when to bill your insurance company and when to bill the Foundation. We pay when every other option of funding has been exhausted. This enables us to stretch our dollars and to serve more clients when they are most in need of our help.

The Genard AIDS Foundation
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